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ROUND ROCAILLES  11/0 - 20gr Oaque Black 23980 New
Size: Round Rocailles 11/0 Diameter: 2mm Length: 1.4mm Hole Size: 0.7mm Weight: 20 Grams Approx..
2.50 лв.
Ex Tax: 2.08 лв.

ROUND ROCAILLES  11/0 Opaque Black 23980 New
Size: Round Rocailles 11/0 Diameter: 2mm Length: 1.4mm Hole Size: 0.7mm Weight: 5 Gram..
0.80 лв.
Ex Tax: 0.67 лв.

Size: 2,5 x 5 mm 25 grams APPROX.: 470pcs   ..
6.00 лв.
Ex Tax: 5.00 лв.

EARRING HOOKS Rhodium Plated New
Material: brass, rhodium plated. Nickel free. ..
0.30 лв.
Ex Tax: 0.25 лв.

Leather cord 1,0mm, impregnated : The typical woman's bracelet takes 16cm of leather and man..
1.00 лв.
Ex Tax: 0.83 лв.

Metal  Clasp silver 26x29mm (Ø 10.2x3.2mm)  - 1pc Material : Zamak; Color : s..
2.00 лв.
Ex Tax: 1.67 лв.

Kit includes: Mini Bead Board (4"x6.75") with 16" U-shaped Channel, Aqua Chain Nose P..
35.00 лв.
Ex Tax: 29.17 лв.

"Create a comfortable work space on any table or tray and prevent your beads from rolling a..
3.00 лв.
Ex Tax: 2.50 лв.